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"Ctrltech.offer Power, Cooling, Monitoring & Dehumidification Solution for Data center in Dubai, UAE. As part of Dehumidification solution, we offer Home dehumidifier, Industrial dehumidifier and pool dehumidifier."

About Us Dehumidifier Supplier

We Control Technologies FZE (CtrlTech) is based at SAIF Zone Sharjah and serving in all countries of Middle East. We offer Power, Cooling, Monitoring & Dehumidification solutions. We have gamut of dehumidfier product to offer solution. Our product range consists of home, industrial dehumidifier, swimming pool dehumidifier. For Home we have portable dehumidfier having capacity of 10 to 30 liter/day. For industrial & swimming applications, we have portable, ceiling mount and floor mount type Dehumidifier. We are dehumidifier supplier for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. We represent international dehumidifier brands like Aerial, Germany & Dantherm, Denmark. We are one stop solution provider for dehumidification.

Our Vision

Vision Statement.

Ctrltech wants to be global total Solution & Service provider for:

  • Power Supply, Distribution, Protection & Conditioning equipment required between power grid and computer chip.
  • Leading Green Dehumidification Solution Provider.
  • Designing of Green Data Centre.
  • Infrastructure building for Tier 4 Data Centre which includes Power, Cooling & Monitoring.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To provide one-stop green Solution & Services of Power, Cooling, Monitoring & Dehumidification for critical applications with Quality & Reliability to achieve high uptime through satisfied, trained work force.

Company Profile

Company Profile

CtrlTech’s Company Profile: Ctrltech’s Company Profile (.pdf).

CtrlTech’s PPT Presentation: CtrlTech’s PPT presentation.



ISO Certificate:ISO-2014-15

Dehumidfier By CtrlTech

We offer following types of dehumidifiers in UAE:

Home Dehumidifier: High Humidity at homes not only creates bad odour, dampness, condensation of glass windows but also it creates health issues in occupants. With help of our CD-25L portable unit, one can reduce humidity level at homes. In home mini dehumidfier series we have DS, DH, Albert series of dehumidfier also. Our home dehumidifier has silent operation hence it can use as bed room dehumidifier.

Industrial dehumidfier: Many industrial processes required low humidity environment. Industries like food processing, equipment room, power plants and water processing units requires industrial type dehumidifier. CtrlTech is Industrial dehumidfier Manufacturers and we offer CD-85L, AD 780, CDM-90L, DH 30 series commercial dehumidfier.

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier: Due to evaporation from water surface of swimming pool, humidity level in indoor swimming pool areas are always at high level. We offer residential indoor pool dehumidifier and commercial swimming pool dehumidfier. We have SPD, CDP & FSD series of dehumidifier for pool room.

Warehouse Dehumidifer unit: Larger space like warehouse or production areas need special type of unit. Warehouse application we offer FSD, SPD, CD series unit.