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September 11, 2018
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September 26, 2018
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Dehumidifier For Swimming Pool Design.

Dehumidifier for swimming pool design

Dehumidifier for swimming pool design

Swimming pool design consultant many times left out solution to address indoor pool humidity problems which can be solved with dehumidifier for swimming pool. They more focus on other equipment like asthetic, pump and heating unit of pool. But it is always recommended to to consider swimming pool dehumidifier at pool design stage itself. We will discuss, why is is so important to do this in this article.

Why you need swimming pool Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms is one of essential equipment since humidity level in indoor pool room always high due to water body created by pool surface. When air inside indoor pool passing over surface of swimming pool, it acquires humidity and hence overall humidity inside room increases. Many time pool designed with heater. And user keep temperature of swimming pool water up to 35 degree Celsius. Hot water gets evaporates and add humidity level in air. There is direct relation between water temperature and humidity generated by water. Due to this high humidity user gets unpleasant environment. Also high humidity creates other issues like health problems for occupant, development of fungus and mould, bad smell, swelling of wood furniture, rusting of iron equipment etc. Hence it is recommended to install commercial pool dehumidification system for your indoor pool.

Why dehumidifier at swimming pool design stage?

Answer for above question is simple that it will make your life easy. It will save your time & money. Most of indoor swimming pool user do not want floor mount dehumidifier in that room. They want some solutions which is not visible in pool room. In such condition ceiling mount duct dehumidifier always a good option. Now this unit installed above false ceiling with ducting for inlet and outlet air. Wall mount controller needs to wire from unit and installed on wall. Drainage point & power supply needs to connect to this unit. All these installation will be smooth and economical if you install it during construction of pool. To install dehumidifier in furnished swimming pool will take lot of civil changes. Hence consultant should make provision for unit at design stage itself. They can get is touch with supplier for indoor pool dehumidifier sizing and price.

Dehumidifier for swimming pool for indoor pool humidity problem

Indoor swimming pool dehumidifier sizing.

Swimming pool dehumidifier calculation should be done considering all factors that contributes in generating humidity in indoor pool rooms. Mainly dehumidifier sizing depends on surface are of water, water temperature since pool water surface is larges humidity generator in room.  Bigger pool generates more humidity and requires high capacity dehumidification system and visa versa. Similarly since evaporation directly proportional to water temperature, humidity created by pool is too.

Manufactures for indoor pool room Dehumidifier.

There are many reputed swimming pool dehumidifier manufacturers. Some of them are Dhantherm, CtrlTech, Aerial Germany.  CtrlTech dehumidifier manufactures all types of pool dehumidifiers including wall mount, floor mount, portable and duct type. They also supply spa room dehumidifier with high airflow.