What are types of Dehumidifiers?
January 26, 2019
Why do you need dehumidifier at homes in Dubai
Why do you need dehumidifier at homes?
January 28, 2019
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How Dehumidifier works?

How refrigerant dehumidifier works

Let’s understand working of refrigerant based dehumidifier which also know as condensation dehumidifier.

Condensation dehumidifier equipped with compressor, evaporator coil, condensation coil and tank. lets understand process

– Moist air drawn into unit by fan which passes over

cold surface of condenser coil hence moisture in

air get condense into water.

– Condensate get accumulated in tank.

– Cold air then passed over evaporator coil and used

for heat recovery system.

– Dry air then pushed in room with 2° Celsius warmer.

– Sensor installed shuts down unit if tank gets full.

– Humidity sensor continuously read humidity level

of air entering in unit. When room humidity reaches

to set level then unit get switched off automatically.

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