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Comparing Dehumidifier, Humidifier and Air purifiers.

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Often many people get confused about these three devices dehumidifier, humidifier and air purifier. Especially between dehumidifier and humidifier many has confusion. We often receive inquiries where client has high humidity problem and they request for humidifier or few client has bad smell in their home and they request about air purifier. Three are total different devices and these devices can use together to control allergies. In this article we will compare these three devices with respect to what, why & how about these devices. Purpose of theses devices is totally different.

Air Purifier.

Air purifier is a device which removes harmful contaminates from air inside our homes. Basically it consist of series of filter and different types of filters like mesh filter, Nano-silver-sterilization filter, HEPA filter, Allergy free filter, formaldehyde removal filter. Air pushed through these different to get purified air at our home. There are several myths about air purifier. Most common one is that air purifier completely removes odor from your home. But the fact is that only few purifiers which has carbon charcoal filter can remove odor and that of to some extend only. Many purifier sold in market claiming those removes odor since it consist of HEPA filter. But HEPA filter nothing to do with odor removal. Also another universal considered misunderstood myth is that only air purifier alone can help us to fight against all allergies. This is wrong, you need dehumidifier and other equipment to fight against allergies along with purifier. Even if you have purifier then you should not take for granted that all germs and viruses in your home will get removed automatically. But the fact is that purifier can only removed germs, viruses or other contaminates available in air but not those which are settle down on your furniture, crawl spaces etc. which can be removed or push in to air with help of vacuum cleaner only.


Dehumidifier is a device which removes humidity from air to create dry environment. Most of allergies are cause due to high humidity level. Purifier alone can not fight all types of allergies. A dehumidifier consists of evaporator coil, condenser coil and blower. Humid air passed over cold coil where humidity converted into water and get stored into built in container. This process generated dry air which pushed into room back. This process repeated continuously by room dehumidifier till overall humidity in room reaches to set level. Especially when it comes to bad odor removal, dehumidifier is better solution than purifier. High humidity in homes give rise to growth of fungus, mold and bites. spores of fungus and mold get mixes into room air and can enter in our bodies during breathing. These can cause different types of allergies like sinus congestion, joint pains, watery eyes, weakness and fatigue, skin problems, headache etc. When you use dehumidifier at home, it keeps environment dry and avoid development of fungus and mold which is root cause of all kind of allergies. Bad smell which caused by wetness in cloths, carpet, wall paints get removed automatically. Many mini dehumidifiers manufacturers offer efficient dehumidification unit which includes CtrlTech, Frigidaire dehumidifiers etc.


Humidifier is device which adds humidity into air in form of water vapor to increase overall humidity level of air. In general this device consist of water container with heater which will convert water into vapor which pushed out to increase humidity. Some of high end humidity generator has inbuilt sensor with which user can set required humidity level and humidity device will stop automatically one set humidity level reached. In dry area often doctor suggest to use hu-midifier. Because dryness can cause skin allergies, nose irritation, bloody noses, dry throat, cracked lips, dry cough. In to get rid of these type of allergies we need to use humidifier along with air purifier. But point to be note here that too much humidity also can do adverse effect. Portable steam type unit are most common one. Central humidifier generally installed in houses in dry areas. Industrial application use ultrasonic large humidifier. Contact CtrlTech Dehumidifier in UAE at following address:

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