Dehumidifier Dubai; buying guide for dehumidification system.

Dehumidifier range offered by CtrlTech Dehumidifiers in UAE for Dehumidificatioin.
Dehumidifier Classifications.
January 20, 2017
CDM-90L Industrial Dehumidifier for dehumidification in Dubai, UAE.
CDM-90L Series Industrial Dehumidifier launched in Dubai, UAE.
October 3, 2017
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Dehumidifier Dubai; buying guide for dehumidification system.

How to find out dehumidifier dubai price.

It is normal practice that once we start observing condensation on window glass or wet floor or start noticing bad smell in home we start googling buying guide for dehumidifiers. As good dehumidifier solution provider company, it is our responsibility to provide you buying guide for dehumidifier features and dehumidifier price. In this article we are specifically going to look into Home dehumidifier or room dehumidifier having extraction capacity less than 30 liter/day. Certainly dehumidifier price is major criteria while deciding. But we should make sure that this dehumidifier should have certain minimum features on which buyer should not compromise. All units of CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai comply to these minimum requirements. Once you meet these minimum requirements, then you should compare dehumidifier price to get best deal. Lets see these important features of dehumidifiers one by one.

Features that Home Dehumidifiers must have.

Features are as follow:

  • Portability: Dehumidifiers should be portable in true sense. It should have smallest foot print possible with lower weight. Dehumidifier should be provided with wheels and handle to move it easily.
  • Humidistat: Dehumidifier should have built in humidistat which enable it to switch off automatically when set humidity achieved and again switch on automatically if humidity get increase.
  • Tank: Bigger tank is always better but bigger tank might increase size and weight of unit. Minimum 5 liter tanks is sufficient which you need to empty once in a day. Also tank should have opening from front side and preferably with transparent level display window. Control panel should have LED and audio indication for “Tank Full” status. If tanks is full then dehumidifier should stop automatically to avoid over spilling of water.
  • Timer: This is most useful feature when you operate dehumidifiers at night. You can set delay timer in hours after which it will switch on or switch off automatically.
  • Cost of Dehumidifier: This is one of the most important feature that every buyer consider first.  Dehumidification unit should priced so as to justify features it offers. A simple basic unit should not be priced equal to feature rich dehumidifier.

Optional Features to justify Dehumidifier price.

  • Hose Pipe Connection: In addition to built-in tank, dehumidifiers should have facility to connect hose pipe for continuous drainage. This feature is useful when you are going on vacation with dehumidifier on.
  • Filter: Home Mini Dehumidifiers should have filter at air inlet to remove dust if any to avoid malfunctioning of unit and for pure air.
  • Defrost function: If dehumidifier operating in very cold environment then ice can form on its coil which will effect performance and dripping of water from unit. To avoid it dehumidifiers Should have automatic defrosting feature.

CD-50L Dehumidifiers: Brief Description

50 liter dehumidifier for sale in Dubai, UAE. Lowest dehumidifier price ever. Bester Dehumidifier Dubai, UAE. CD-50L dehumidifier is home dehumidifiers use for large spaces. This unit has control panel with built in Humidistat and hygrostat. Built in tank has capacity of 7 liter with facility to connect hose pipe. It is provided with handle and four wheel for portability. This dehumidifier provided with filter at input. It has timer, two fan speed setting with tank full indication. This dehumidifier price is lowest. CD-50L dehumidifier has LCD display to show current and set humidity. It has built in humidistat which enable it to switch off automatically one set humidity reach and switch on automatically if humidity more than set value.

CtrlTech dehumidification system operating in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from last one decades. They are one of the first companies in UAE who brought dehumidifier close to every clients door. After growing years after year they have now more than 19 different models. Industrial dehumidifier is specialty area of CtrlTech.  Dehumidifiers ratings offered by CtrlTech is from 12 to 1200 liters per day. To know more about dehumidifiers, dehumidifier price then please contact us.