Dehumidifier for swimming pool design
Dehumidifier For Swimming Pool Design.
September 18, 2018
Which features that a industrial dehumidifier should have
Which features a industrial dehumidifier should have?
October 7, 2018
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5 reasons to why you need dehumidifier?

Why you need a dehumidifier and here are five reasons

In this article we will discuss top 5 reasons which will justify need of dehumidifier at home, industry & indoor swimming pool rooms. Dehumidification system is equipment which always considered with secondary important over other appliances like refrigerator, AC or even air purifier. However dehumidifiers is only appliances which has low cost and protect your health and wealth to large extend. In this article we will look into top five reasons that justify in investing dehumidifier for your home or industry or indoor pool room.

Why you need home dehumidifier?

Home is special place for all of us. After hard working day we need a place to relax with our family. For it we do install many appliances to make your stay comfortable. But some time even you installed air conditioner due to high humidity you feel uncomfortable at home. In such condition you need a dehumidifier. Here are five top reasons:

  • High humidity at home often give rise to development of mould, fungus and insects. These can compromise hygiene. Also some of fungus toxic in nature and if it enters in our respiratory system during breathing then it can cause serious health issues. Also due to high humidity occupant start facing cold, cough, burning of eyes, fatigue.
  • High humidity caused bad smell from carpet and cloths. It creates black patched on wall or pilling of wall paint.
  • It causes swelling of woods and sometime destroys your costly furniture.
  • High humidity make you to keep your air conditioner at lower temperature and hence you might notice in drastic increase in electricity bills.
  • Many electronic goods are sensitive to humidity. It might malfunction due to high humidity.

Five reasons to why you need dehumidifier in UAE

Why you need Industrial Dehumidifier?

Low humidity environment is important criteria for many industrial manufacturing industries. Cost of loss due to high humidity is much higher than cost of dehumidifier. Here are five reasons to justify need of industrial dehumidification system:

  • High humidity during production of industrial goods might change quality and composition of manufactured good. For example high humidity during production of drugs might effect its properties. Hence financial losses might occur.
  • High humidity during storage of furnished goods might destroy goods or make it not fit for use. For example if cake and cookies store in high humid places then fungus might form on it.
  • High valued industrial machinery start rusting in humid environment.
  • High humidity in your production area will effect overall productivity from workers due to health issues and fatigue.
  • Operating cost of company might creased due to increase in electricity bills due to high humidity.

Why you need swimming pool dehumidifier?

Indoor swimming pool room is always high humid area. Humidity level in  pool room many times higher than simple room. Here is why you need dehumidifier for swimming pool:

  • Evaporation of swimming pool water also evaporates chlorine in pool water which get mix with room air and can cause health issues. Hence indoor pool dehumidifier should use to dehumidify quickly.
  • High humidity in pool room can cause condensation on glass windows.
  • It can spoil costly interiors installed in pool area.
  • Similar to home, it can cause malfunctioning of electronic appliances, swelling of wood, pilling of paint, black spot on walls.
  • High humidity can cause rusting on pool pump other equipment in pump room.

From above reasons it is understood that buying dehumidifier is need of hour.