CD-50L Portable dehumidifier in Dubai UAE #Dehumidifier

Portable home dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE
CD-50L dehumidifier designed for large living rooms and hotel lobby. #ctrltech4u #Roomdehumidifier #airdehumidifier Its dehumidifying capacity is 50 liters per day. This dehumidifier system equipped with large built in condensate tank. It is very effective to reduce humidity. Silent operation, user friendly control panel is USPs of this room dehumidifier. User can set required humidity level. Operation is fully automatic. Auto switch off when tank is full. Facility to connect continuous drainage pipe. This air dehumidifier supplied by CtrlTech dehumidifiers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait.

Specification of CD-50L Dehumidifiers.

Portable dehumidifier reviews by experts.CD-50L home dehumidifier has following specifications:

  • This portable dehumidifier has extraction capacity of 50 liters per day.
  • Internal condensate tank capacity of 8.5 liters.
  • Along with internal tank this basement dehumidifier has facility to connect drainage pipe.
  • Due to its large capacity, it can be use as portable commercial dehumidifier for big spaces.
  • This home dehumidifier has facility to set required humidity level.
  • User can set delay timer for automatic switch on and switch off.
  • Working noise is very less.
  • User can set two fan speeds; low and high.

Supplier for Dehumidifier in Dubai.

CtrlTech is dehumidifier supplier in Dubai for CD-50L. They offer dehumidication solution for all applications. Their fleet includes industrial dehumidifier and indoor pool room swimming pool dehumidifier also. They supplier dehumidifier in Saudi ARabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and UAE.

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