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Dehumidifier Dubai; buying guide for dehumidification system.
April 17, 2017
CtrlTech Dehumidifier in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar
CtrlTech Dehumidifier in UAE, Oman, Qatar & Saudi Arabia.
October 10, 2017
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CDM-90L Series Industrial Dehumidifier launched in Dubai, UAE.

CDM-90L Industrial Dehumidifier for dehumidification in Dubai, UAE.

CDM-90L Industrial Dehumidifier for dehumidification in Dubai, UAE.

CtrlTech offers wide range of industrial dehumidifiers in UAE and Middle East Countries. CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier is new addition to their vast gamut of dehumidifier products. Offering efficient dehumidification solutions at low cost is specialty of CtrlTech. Addition of CDM-90L dehumidifier is another feather in product crown of CtrlTech. CDM-90 series dehumidifier has nice appearance, compact structure and easy operation. Other than Industrial applications it is widely use in research laboratories, medical drug storage, underground projects, kitchen, archived room, warehouses etc.

Features of CDM-90L Industrial Dehumidifier.

CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier has extraction capacity of 90 liters/day. This industrial dehumidifiers is provided with LCD control panel. From this control panel user can set required humidity level, can set time. LCD panel always shows current humidity due to built in hygrostat. Body of CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier is made up of fire resistant steel metal which is powder coated and having thickness of 1.2mm. Unit provided with large foot wheel and mental handle to achieve portability. Humid air enters from front side and dry air thrown out from back side. drainage point has facility to connect any flexible pipe for continuous drainage. this industrial dehumidification systems consists of rotary compressor with environmental friendly R410A refrigerant gas. This unit has auto defrost system. According to dehumidification calculation one can use multiple units of CDM-90L dehumidifier.

Working of CDM-90L dehumidification System.

Procedure to Start-up of CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier is as follow:

  • Energize the power, the dehumidifier will beep for once;
  • Press the “Power” button for once, the LCD display is light. After all the displays are normal, the LCD displays current environment humidity;
  • Setting of humidity: press “+” and “-” buttons to set the required humidity. When the set humidity is 3% less than current humidity, the dehumidifier works;when the set humidity is 3% more than current humidity, the dehumidifier stops;
  • When the set humidity is less than 30%, the dehumidifier enters the mode of successive dehumidification;
  • Setting of preset time: Press the “Time” button the “hour” time on the control panel flashes, press “+” and “-” to adjust the working hour;
  • Shut down the machine: Press “Power” button when the machine is on working, the dehumidifier will stop work and all the instruction lights off.

Important Notes about CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier.

During working of this industrial dehumidifiers we need to take care of following things which will help in smooth operation of this large dehumidifier:

  • If the set humidity is higher than the actual humidity, the dehumidifier stops working;
  • During dehumidification, after the compressor starts working, the fan and compressor can only be stopped after working for at least 3 minutes; the compressor can only be re-started 3 minutes after it stops;
  • If works under low temperature, the this large commercial dehumidifier may judge the system temperature automatically and defrost automatically; when defrosting, the indicator of defrosting is light, the fan works and compressor stops working.
  • This industrial dehumidifier has auto memory. When all the mode setting has been finished, if there is sudden power cut during operation, or the power jack slips out, the system may store the current status before the power is cut and enter the operation mode before power cut automatically after power is supplied;
  • Range for humidity is 20%-90%;
  • Auto detection of temperature/humidity failure:
  • When the industrial dehumidifier system detects that temperature sensor exceeds the limited range, the system enters mode of temperature sensor failure. Under this mode, LCD displays temperature failure code “E1”, the system works in circle of dehumidification for 30 minutes and defrosting for 15 minutes;
  • When the industrial dehumidifiers detects that humidity sensor exceeds the limited range, the system enters mode of humidity sensor failure. Under this mode, LCD displays humidity failure code “E2” and the system enters continuous dehumidification.
  • After temperature/humidity sensor failure is eliminated, the system works normally.
Some Of the Unique features of CDM-90L dehumidifier.

CDM-90L dehumidifier is one in all portable industrial dehumidifiers unit. This dehumidification units equipped with some of the unique features.

  1. LCD Control Panel: Normally industrial dehumidification systems in this capacities has only LED indication for fault and On/off status. However CDM unit is has large LCD display where you can see all status of unit. LCD  shows if unit is in dehumidification, defrost or fan mode. You can see set timer value.
  2. Since unit has built in hygrometer, LCD display continuously shows room humidity.
  3. Unit has fully automatic operation. This features saves electricity and overall running cost of unit. When start dehumidification only if room humidity is more than set humidity and otherwise it will be in sleep mode. This features makes this heavy duty dehumidifier as power saver.
  4. Strong wheel and steel body make unit very strong for rough use at industrial sites.

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Some of Our Other Product:

Name of Product: CD-85L Industrial Dehumidifier.

Image:        Dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE

Brand Name: CtrlTech

Price: AED 8500.00

Availability: Yes

Product ID: CD0085UAE-010116-8500-W715

Rating: 4

Votes: 55

Description: CD-85L portable commercial dehumidifiers are available in two sizes; 65 and 85 liter/day. Body of this dehumidifier industrial is made up of non-corrosive high quality plastic. Unit have built in drain water pump to flush water at up to 4.5 meter height. Also PURGE button provided on control panel of large dehumidifier to empty water from reservoir. During operation pump purges automatically to empty drain reservoir. Control panel of this commercial dehumidifier provided with adjustable humidistat with which se can set desired humidity level. Unit has built in hygrostat and LCD panel shows set humidity on left and current humidity on right side. At front side removable filter provided at intake of industrial dehumidifiers. Air outlet hood is provided at back side CD series portable dehumidifier which can be connected to flexible duct. This industrial dehumidifiers has automatic defrosting feature and defrost indicator on control panel lights when dehumidifier goes into defrost mode. Three meter hose pipe provided with this portable dehumidifier for continuous drainage. Drain water pipe supporter is provided to coil this pipe when this portable dehumidifier not in use. Control panel of this industrial dehumidifiers can be lock by pressing “T” and Purge button together. 290mm strong pneumatic tyres and handle make this CD series industrial dehumidifiers very portable.