CDM-90L Industrial Dehumidifier for dehumidification in Dubai, UAE.
CDM-90L Series Industrial Dehumidifier launched in Dubai, UAE.
October 3, 2017
Air dehumidifier by CtrlTech.
Air Dehumidifier Review: CD-25L home dehumidification unit.
October 23, 2017
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CtrlTech Dehumidifier in UAE, Oman, Qatar & Saudi Arabia.

CtrlTech Dehumidifier in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar

CtrlTech Dehumidifier in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar

CtrlTech dehumidifier in UAE is one stop shop for all kinds of dehumidification equipment. Large gamut of dehumidifiers product, focus on quality, economical price, value for money, strong service support after sale are pillars of policies of CtrlTech dehumidifiers. CtrlTech brand proved its metal by establishing itself as reputed dehumidifier supplier in many Middle East and African countries. Currently they supply dehumidifying units in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and African countries. In this article we will take overview of CtrlTech dehumidifier companies and their products in short.

CtrlTech helps you to select right dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifier carrefour is reliabel Dehumidifier supplier in UAE.CtrlTech executive helps you to select right type of dehumidifier for your application. It is very important to understand site, processes running in site, current humidity level, factor affecting humidity levels, number of persons working in site, openings at sites to determine air exchange rate etc. CtrlTech sales person will note all these factors to offer you right size of dehumidifier . Every dehumidification site is different in itself and it needs to address with different approach every time. Experience staff of CtrlTech dehumidifier in UAE is technically trained and experience to resolve humidity issues.

CtrlTech Dehumidifier Supplier.

CtrlTech started their journey a decade before with sale of small portable dehumidifier units imported from Germany. With time they developed technical skills to offer right dehumidification solution for different applications. Today that small start grown into leading dehumidifier supplier brand with backup of more than 10 different dehumidifier models. CtrlTech dehumidifiers offers wide range of dehumidifier products. Some of the products are as follow:

Commercial Dehumidifier: As name suggests these types of dehumidifier manufactured as per industrial grade standards. CtrlTech supply fixed types and portable industrial dehumidifier. Strong body, high quality compressor, strong wheels, built in condensate pump, humidistat to set required humidity, operational hour counter are some of the features of CtrlTech dehumidifier UAE products. CtrlTech is exclusive distributor for Aerial Germany dehumidifier. Aerial is know name in German industrial dehumidifiers manufacturers. CtrlTech is wholesale dehumidifier suppliers in UAE.

House Dehumidifier: CtrlTech offers home dehumidifier having capacity between 10 to 25 liters per day. These are specially designed dehumidifiers to use in home, offices, hospitals etc. These type of dehumidifier in UAE equipped with features like large condensate tank, delay timer, tank full indication, auto shut down on tank full, filter at inlet, silent operation, elegant look and easy to operate. CD-25L is one of the best model among all dehumidifiers for homes. CtrlTech is best among all dehumidifier companies.

Dehumidifier for swimming pool : Indoor swimming pool always faces issue of high humidity. CtrlTech offer special dehumidifiers for swimming pool. SPD series is ducted type dehumidifier and available in many capacities. Industrial portable dehumidifier unit also can be use for indoor pool room.</li>

Warehouse Dehumidifier: Dehumidification in larger space like warehouse always a difficult task. We offer FSD series warehouse dehumidifiers which has high airflow to dehumidify larger space like warehouse. CtrlTech Dehumidifier UAE offers FSD series having capacity from 240 to 1200 liters per day.

Desiccant dehumidifier: Desiccant dehumidifier use for application where temperature is very low; such as cold room. This type unit also called as low temperature dehumidifier or cold room dehumidifier. We offer our DD series dehumidifier to meet these application.

CtrlTech is dehumidifier souq where you will get all kinds of dehumidification units. Contact CtrlTech Dehumidifier in UAE at following address:

Control Technologies FZE
SAIF Zone, Sharjah, UAE.
Telephone: +971 6 5489626
Mobile No: +971 50 1537113 / 055-2338912
Web: | | |


Some of Our Other Product:

Name of Product: Dehumidifier.

Model: CD-50L

Image:  Dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE

Brand: CtrlTech

Price: AED 2900.00

Availability: Yes

Product ID: CD0050UAE-010116-2900-W715

Rating: 4

Votes: 76

Description: 50 liter dehumidifier for sale in Dubai, UAE. Lowest dehumidifier price ever. Best Dehumidifier Dubai, UAE. CD-50L dehumidifier is home dehumidifiers use for large spaces. This unit has control panel with built in Humidistat and hygrostat. Built in tank has capacity of 7 liter with facility to connect hose pipe. It is provided with handle and four wheel for portability. This dehumidifier provided with filter at input. It has timer, two fan speed setting with tank full indication. This dehumidifier price is lowest. CD-50L dehumidifier has LCD display to show current and set humidity. It has built in humidistat which enable it to switch off automatically one set humidity reach and switch on automatically if humidity more than set value.