FSD warehouse dehumidifier for humidity control.

Warehouse Dehumidifier - FSD Series




  • 240L / 24h
  • 2500 CMH


  • 480L / 24h
  • 5000 CMH

FSD Series Floor Mount Dehumidifier

Achieving low humidity level in large spaces with help of warehouse dehumidifier is major challenge while designing ventilation for warehouse. Warehouse spaces has high heights and hence high volume. To achieve desired humidity, floor mounted dehumidifier need to have high air flow capacity. For warehouse instead of going for single dehumidifier large capacity, we should choose multiple warehouse of smaller capacity. This will give you quick dehumidification.

Most of dehumidifier reviews always recommends that dehumidifier for Large Warehouse should have facility for hose pipe connection for continuous drainage. Selecting Warehouse Dehumidifier Control Systems is critical job. Often warehouse use to store furnish goods which are high in value. High humidity can damage furnish goods.

High humidity in food storage or leather storage warehouse is can cause fugus and mould. Warehouse dehumidifier creates dry environment in warehouse to protect your material. Often it is mater of debate and discussion which type of dehumidifier is suitable for warehouse; refrigerant type or desiccant type warehouse dehumidifier? for which answer is very simple. For cold storage where temperature is less than 10 deg C, we are bound to use desiccant type ceiling mounted dehumidifier. While for warehouses which has indoor temperature more than 10 deg celcius should use refrigerant type ceiling or floor mounted dehumidifier. CtrlTech offers FSD series floor mounted dehumidifier, SPD series duct mounted dehumidifier & AP series wall mounted dehumidifier.

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Features of FSD Warehouse Dehumidifier

FSD series floor mounted dehumidifier specially designed for humidity control in large spaces. It is commonly use as warehouse dehumidifier. FSD series dehumidifier reviews are excellent from our existing clients. FSD series warehouse dehumidifier available 240, 480 and 600 liter per day capacity. High capacity of can be manufacture on request. This floor mount dehumidifier required only half power compared to other brands of dehumidifier to achieve their 95% capacity. Structure is made up of SPCC cold-rolled steel sheets which is powder coated and anti corrosive in nature. FSD series warehouse dehumidifier offered with centrifugal fan which is strong, quite, easy to maintain & energy efficient. FSD series floor mounted dehumidifier equipped with expansion valve which enables adjustable flow rate, direct expansion way, energy saving, high efficient and compressor overheat protection. Sensors used in this warehouse dehumidifier are of high quality, precise and durable. Honeycomb structured evaporator increased vaporisation area, work with high efficiency and adsorb more moisture. Control panel of this floor mounted dehumidifier has humidistat to set required humidity. This warehouse dehumidifier is provided with wheels for easy movement.

Applications of FSD Dehumidifier in Dubai

FSD series floor mounted dehumidifier can be use for dehumidification of large spaces. It can be use for following applications:

  • Warehouse: It can be use as warehouse dehumidifier storing food, medicine, leather, chocolate etc.
  • Swimming pool: This floor mount dehumidifier use for dehumidification in large swimming pool and spa.
  • Laboratories: Due to capacity of large processing air and high dehumidification capacity, this floor mounted dehumidifier use in laboratories to achieve low humidity.
  • Poultry form & Animal form.
  • This floor mounted dehumidifier can be use in auditorium.