Which features a industrial dehumidifier should have?

Which features that a industrial dehumidifier should have

Industrial dehumidifier is consider as most important components of for some of industrial processes. It helps to reduce humidity level in production area or storage area to protect properties of manufactured goods. Hence right selection of industrial dehumidifiers unit is very important. Most of time either product offered by companies comes with very less features or too much feature. Some of the feature are not useful for purpose we are using that product. But due to too many features, product becomes costly. Similarly if product do not have feature that required for purpose we are using that product then even though that product is cheap but it will not be useful. Hence there should be balance between feature and price. Same applies with heavy duty dehumidifier. For example feature of portability comes at cost. suppose you need industrial dehumidifier systems to use at one place always then you don’t need dry air dehumidifier with wheel and push handle and save cost. But some of the feature are common to most of application and we need those. We listed out such some of feature which we suggest a good commercial dehumidification system should have.

Which are essential features of Industrial dehumidifier?

Some of the important features of commercial dehumidifier unit are as follow:

  1. Strong Body : A commercial dehumidifier use at places like construction site, industrial plants, oilfield rigs, flood sites etc. where it subject to very rough use. Hence body casing of large dehumidifier should be very strong. Generally body made up of steel with powder costed paint. Advantage of steel body is that it is very strong but disadvantage is that unit become very heavy and it can get corrode. Hence in recent time units are manufactured with polyethylene plastic which is very strong and light.
  2. Efficient components: Each quality component make unit efficient one. While selecting dehumidifier make sure that you should check about components make. for example compressor is heart of air dehumidifier and it should from reputed brand. Evaporator and condenser coil should be make of of copper tubes and aluminium fins. Compressor should be hermetically sealed to protect it from overload. Humidity sensor should be of high quality.
  3. Feature reach Control Panel: Control panel for dehumidifier is like cockpit for airplane. Control panel should have at least two feature other than switch on/off button. It should have LCD display panel and panel should show room humidity on it. Also it should have facility to set required humidity level.  Other that this if their is purge button then it will be bonus. Purge button use to empty internal tank manually so that water should not spill over while moving unit.
  4. Automatic operation: Dehumidifier should have built in hygrometer and humidity which will make its operation automatic. Automatic operation means dehumidifier should turn off when humidity level in room get reduce to set level. Also dehumidifier should strand automatically if humidity level in room increases than set humidity level.
  5. Dehumidifier condensate pump: Built in pump will enable user to pump condensate water to height. In some of the site we can not make drainage facility at floor level. Site like cold rooms, user not allowed to make any hole to installed drainage pipe. Only option is to put drainage pipe is at ceiling level while dehumidifier is at floor level. In such case if unit is equipped with pump then it can push condensate water at ceiling height.
  6. Portability: If your application includes moving dehumidifier from one place to other frequently then portability feature need to pay attention. Good portable dehumidifier should be light in weight. Hence most of recent dehumidifier casing is made up of light but strong plastic. Wheels should be large with rubber circumference. Push handle should be strong. Dehumidifier should designed in such a way that most of its weight on back side of unit so that with gentle pull should make dehumidifier lean back side and wheel should move automatically.

Where to buy heavy duty dehumidifier?

There are plenty of dehumidifier supplier available in market. But we should select right dehumidifier dealer which is expert in dehumidification system. Service after sales is very important factor. This should be one of the most important factor in selecting supplier. CtrlTech is oldest supplier in UAE for dehumidifier. They export unit in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. They of their own brand of dehumidifier. Also they are exclusive distributor for Aerial dehumidifier Germany and Dantherm products.

Which features that a industrial dehumidifier should have