CD-85L Industrial Dehumidifier offered by CtrlTech Dehumidifiers Dubai, UAE.
CD-85L Industrial Dehumidifier review.
January 20, 2017
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Swimming Pool Dehumidifier supplier in Dubai, UAE.

Swimming pool Dehumidifier with dehumidifier sizing services.

Swimming pool Dehumidifier with dehumidifier sizing services.

It is always been challenging job to select and install efficient swimming pool dehumidifier for indoor pools. Every indoor swimming pool site is different and we need to choose right type of dehumidifier. In this article we will understand why you need dehumidification in  indoor swimming pool?, different type of dehumidifier for swimming pool and factors effecting dehumidifier sizing.  So lets start………..

Why you need dehumidifier for Swimming pool?

Above question is not very difficult to answer for person who having indoor swimming pool without dehumidifier and had sleepless nights due to high humidity problem. for rest of audiences I will answer this question. Water surface in indoor swimming pool area evaporates and hence adds humidity in air. This high humidity causes lots of problem not only to your property but also to health of occupants. Swimming Pool Dehumidification Systems helps to reduce humidity generated by water surface. High humidity in indoor pool area creates mould and fugue on walls. It can wet walls, forms water condensation on glass windows, and even it can damage expensive paintings in indoor swimming pool room. High humidity can cause problems in electronic gadget and can spoil expensive interiors of your pool room. It can also create unpleasant damp environment which can cause cough and cold to occupants. Swimming pool Dehumidifier can be effective remedy to address all these issues.  We have wide range of dehumidifier for pool room and with different capacities.

Factors Effecting Pool Dehumidifier Sizing.

Pool room dehumidifiers sizing is depending on various factors in pool room area. Some of major factors effecting dehumidifier sizing are as follows:

  • Swimming pool Surface Area: Water evaporation is directly proportional to pool surface area. If pool area is more then water evaporation will be more and hence humidity added in air will be more which will increase indoor pool dehumidification system sizing.
  • Temperature of Swimming pool Water: Hot water evaporates faster than cold water. If temperature of water inside swimming pool is high then evaporation will take place at faster rate and hence it will contribute high humidity in indoor swimming  pool room and hence high capacity of swimming pool dehumidifier needed.
  • Number of Occupants: Contribution in humidity and hence sizing of dehumidifier is also depend on number of occupants and their physical activity.
  • Indoor room Temperature: Dehumidifier capacity also depend on indoor room temperature. It is difficult for refrigerant based dehumidifier to do dehumidification at lower temperature. If room temperature is less then you need higher capacity swimming pool dehumidifier.

Types of Dehumidifier for Swimming Pool.

Depending on site situation we need to choose type swimming pool dehumidifier.  If site has false ceiling then we should go for ceiling suspended ducted type swimming pool dehumidifier like our SPD series.  If Pool room size has big space then floor mount type dehumidifier should prefer. For small capacities we offer CD-85L dehumidifier and for bigger capacities FSD series dehumidifiers are available. We also offer Commercial Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers for sport and recreational pools.

SPD series Swimming pool dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE for indoor swimming pool.

SPD-136L series dehumidifier for swimming poolSPD Series swimming pool dehumidifier are ducted type dehumidifiers which can be ceiling suspended or wall mounted. This dehumidifier for swimming pool is provided with electronic LCD controller which enable user to set required humidity, set timer, On/off etc. SPD series indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers is available in different capacities. This Indoor Pool Dehumidification System is equipped with branded compressor. Unit has delayed start up protection. This is best swimming pool dehumidifier available in UAE market.

Introduction  to CtrlTech Dehumidifiers.

Control Technologies (FZE) which commonly known as CtrlTech is oldest dehumidification equipment supplier in UAE. They have wide range of indoor swimming pool humidity control equipment. Their SPD series dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms is most selling pool dehumidifier in the region. CtrlTech has more than 10 year experience in indoor pool dehumidification systems. CtrlTech team will help you right room indoor pool dehumidifier sizing to successful commissioning of unit. Some of their equipment are as follow:

CD-85L Floor mounted dehumidifier for pool room humidity control.

This is portable type dehumidification unit which has capacity of 85 liters per days. This unit is almost plug and play device. It is very easy to install and operates. User can set required humidity level from control panel of this unit.

CDM-50L indoor pool room dehumidifier.

This is also portable dehumidifier having capacity of 50 liters per day. This unit small in size with compact foot print. LCD control panel, built in hygrostat, humidistat, timer etc. are some of the USP of this model. This model has built in condensate tank of 5.5 liters and also facility to connect hose pipe for continuous drainage.

FSD series commercial pool dehumidification system.

This is floor mount type large dehumidifier system. Its capacity starts from 240 liters per day to 1200 liter s per day. These unit suitable for large swimming pool like sport swimming pool with big swimming  pool surface area and large pool room. These unit specially designed with high airflow so as to dehumidify big space quickly.

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