Portable Home Dehuimidifier-CD 50L Series




  • 50L / 24h
  • 360 CMH


  • 25L / 24h
  • 160 CMH

CD-25L Air Dehumidifier

Too much high humidity or too much low humidity can cause its adverse consequences. High Humidity can create problem of condensation, dampness, mold, dust mites etc. Low humidity in house can create physical discomfort, sore throat, breathing difficulty, chapped skin and lips. Air dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity at home. By reducing humidity air dehumidifier not only make home confortable but also reduces dampness and hence minimize potentional damage to health and property.

Mould can cause different type of allergies. Certain kide of mould like toxic black mould can produce toxin and hence can effect our health. Fact to be noted that under high humidity mould and mites get multiple. Once humidity get reduce by small dehumidifier, mould and mites get vanish in dry environment. Hence dehumidifiers are must have equipment for all home.

The obvious next question will be what percentage humidity should achieve by air dehumidifier which will be suitable for Humans? Answer is that it can be between 30% to 70% based on preference of individuals. As per our experience dehumidifiers should set to achieve humidity between 45% to 50% RH so that there should not problems due to high or low humidity. In addition to dehumidifiers we need to consider some majors to reduce high humidity problem. One common cause of high humidity at homes in Dubai, UAE is addition of outside fresh air while designing HVAC system. Please refer our various articles to know more about features, selection of air dehumidifier or contact us.

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Features of CD-25L Dehumidifiers

CD-25L is small Dehumidifier for home application due to its few feature. CD-25L air dehumidifier is quite in operation and has elegant milky white plastic body which helps you to keep this dehumidifiers in your drawing room without effecting your interiors. Control Panel of CD-25L air dehumidifier has LCD display which continuously shows current room Humidity. CD-25L dehumidifiers has extraction capacity of 25 liters/day. This dehumidifiers can set to required humidity level with help of Up and down button on control panel. This mini dehumidifiers will stop automatically when set humidity achieved and will start again automatically if humidity get increase than set level. For safety and to avoid overflow of drainage water, CD-25L room dehumidifier stop functioning when water tank get fully filled. Tank full LED on control of CD-25L small dehumidifier panel will show red sign. From control panel of CD-25L small dehumidifier one can adjust fan speed, swing direction, and also can set timer for automatically switching on or off dehumidifiers unit after delay. Delay hours one can set from control panel. CD-25L air dehumidifiers unit has automatic defrosting function. Hose connection point provided on backside of this small portable dehumidifiers for continuous drainage. This unit is truly comfort air dehumidifier.

Applications of CD-50L Small Dehumidifier

CD-50L air dehumidifier can be use for following applications:

  • As Home Dehumidifiers.
  • For Hotel room.
  • As air Dehumidifier for Basements.
  • In Luxury Cruise.
  • Dehumidifiers for restaurants.
  • As office dehumidifiers.
  • In Museum to protect valuable artefacts.
  • For Humidity control unit small server rooms.
  • Dehumidifiers for Basements.