Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

About CtrlTech Dehumidifier for Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pool which you built for your luxury can be a taxing preposition if you don't consider pool dehumidifier at the time of finalizing your indoor swimming pool design. Dehumidifier for pool room is must have equipment to reduce humidity generated by water surface of swimming pool. In cold climate when you use heated swimming pool then situation become worse without swimming pool dehumidifier since evaporation rate from hot water surface even faster. High humidity in indoor swimming pool room cause rusting of metal, fugues, mould and bad smell due to which health of occupant get compromise. Hence indoor swimming pool dehumidification is important aspect of indoor swimming pool design. Indoor pool dehumidifier sizing is mainly depend on size of swimming pool and temperature of pool water. Swimming pool dehumidifier sizing also depends on other factors like air temperature, number of occupants, fresh air intake etc.

Pool Dehumidifiers Models

Pool Dehumidifier in Dubai UAE

SPD Series

This dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms is ducted type, wall or ceiling mount provided with wall mount LCD humidistat, delayed start up protection, filter at input, automatic defrosting, quite operation.

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Dehumidifier in Dubai UAE

FSD Series

Floor mounted indoor pool dehumidifier designed for large indoor pool rooms & spa with expansion valve, honeycomb structured evaporator coil, centrifugal fan, G4 Filter and high efficiency.

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Dehumidifier in Dubai UAE

CD Series

Indoor pool room dehumidifier is portable type with built in condensate pump, Hygrostat, Humidistat, working hour counter, Automatic defrost, Impact proof synthetic material casing.

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Dehumidifier in Dubai UAE

AP Series

Germany made wall mounted pool dehumidification system has slim design per day with radial fan, hermetically sealed rotary compressor, copper pipe evaporator and condenser, provided with wall bracket.

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#4 Signs of your indoor pool need Humidity control equipment

Application of Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Advantages of Using Pool Dehumidifier

  • CtrlTech offers all types of wall mount, ceiling mount, ducted type of pool dehumidifier.
  • Our swimming pool dehumidifier are most energy efficient.
  • For given air flow , CtrlTech pool dehumidifier has compact size.
  • Our all pool dehumidifier use environment friendly refrigerant gasses like R410 or R134.
  • All our pool dehumidifiers has delayed start up for protection.
  • Our pool dehumidification equipment has automatic defrosting facility.
  • Our Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers are low in cost and easy to install