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Wall Mounted Dehumidifier.

Discover the advantages of a wall mounted dehumidifier and get expert advice on its selection, calculation, installation, and maintenance. Our comprehensive guide includes answers to top FAQs so you can make an informed decision for your home, indoor swimming pools, and garage.
Wall mounted dehumidifier

Features of wall mounted dehumidifier

Ceiling mount or wall mount
Wall mount
Elegant design
Silent operation
Water drain
Easy installation
Easy install

Applications of wall mounted dehumidifier

Indoor swimming pool
Indoor pool
Pump rooms
Pump rooms
Wall mount dehumidifier

About our Wall mount dehumidifier.

The only option for a dehumidification system that conserves space, is silent, and has an elegant appearance is a wall-mounted dehumidifier. Small to medium-sized rooms, swimming pools, and museums are all excellent places to use a wall mount dehumidifier because it is a portable and efficient device that removes moisture from the air. CtrlTech offers world-class dryer manufacturers in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

Unlike portable dehumidifiers, wall hung dehumidifiers are installed on the wall with the help of a bracket. It is a fixed type and used as a permanent solution to humidity problems. The USPs of these devices is that they are quiet, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient. Wall-mounted dehumidifiers can also make your home's air healthier by lowering allergens and creating a less polluted living space.

In this ultimate guide, we will explore the different types of wall mount dehumidifiers & their benefits. We will also discuss the factors to consider before choosing one. In fact, this article is a step-by-step instruction manual for installing and maintaining these moisture absorber machines. In order to help you choose a wall dehumidifier for your use wisely, we'll address some frequently asked questions about them.

Benefits of wall mounted dehumidifier.

Wall dehumidifier
  • Wall mount dehumidifiers come in elegant and modern designs that complement any room in your interiors.

  • Wall-mounted dehumidifiers are space-saving and do not take up valuable floor space.

  • Wall-mounted dehumidifiers are quieter than mobile models.

  • It is long-lasting and durable, making them a cost-effective investment.

  • Easy to install without any significant civil changes.

  • It improves the overall air quality & protects your furniture & electronics.

  • The dehumidifier in the wall requires minimal maintenance.

  • They can operate continuously without the need to empty a water tank....

  • It eliminates mold, fungus, and musty odor.

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What should you consider before buying a wall hung dehumidifier?

Selecting the right wall mounted dehumidifier for your swimming pool or home becomes easier when you are unfamiliar with the meaning of different features and specifications. Each feature costs, and it is in the buyer's best interest to pick and choose a useful one. When buying a wall dehumidification system, there are some essential specifications that users should not compromise on. Below are some important points that users should consider making an informed decision.

Through the wall dehumidifier
Elegant look.
You should select a wall mountable dehumidifier that blends seamlessly into your home decor. Choose a sleek, modern, and elegant model that can complement any room.
Fresh air duct connection.
Fresh air duct connection allows the dehumidifier to draw fresh air from the outside and supply it with dry air. This feature helps to improve the air quality of your living space.
Noise level.
Wall dehumidifiers are generally installed in living spaces. Hence, it should have a quiet and unobtrusive operation. Look for models with low decibel levels to ensure they do not disrupt your daily activities.
Drainage options.
The unit should have a continuous drainage option with a hose pipe connection. Some models have built-in pumps allowing continuous drainage, while others require a manual emptying water tank.
User control.
Commercial wall mounted dehumidifiers should have built-in humidistats that allow you to set the humidity levels. It should have a fixed or remote LCD to current and set moisture levels.
Installation & maintenance.
Check if the manufacturer is supplying a wall bracket along with the unit. Installation stencils will make fixing them very easy. The system should have easy access for cleaning and repair.
Energy efficiency.
Look for a dehumidifier in the wall with an Energy Star rating. Users can save on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint by selecting energy-efficient dryers.
Air filter.
A dehumidification system with air filters can remove allergens and other particles and supply clean and dry air. Users can opt for the option of HEPA and carbon-activated filters.

Frequently asked questions.

One of the Unique Selling points of a wall mounted dehumidifier is that it is effortless to install. Users can quickly fix it by following the procedure mentioned in the handout provided with the unit. CtrlTech offers a wallpaper stencil along with their wall dehumidifier. With this stencil's help, one can easily fix the bracket and locate the drain point. Please follow the following step-by-step guide for installation.

Choose the location: For better performance location of the unit should be considered very carefully. The place should be in the most damped area. If you use the unit as a swimming pool dehumidifier, install it near the pool. The dehumidifier should also be installed near an electrical outlet with enough airflow clearance.

Determine the mounting height: Installation height of the dehumidification system is crucial. Please note that the humid air is heavy, and it tends to be at the ground level. So, the system should not be installed from the ground at a very high level. Wall-mounted dehumidifiers should not be installed at heights of more than 1.5 meters.

Mark the mounting holes: Once you have selected the mounting height, it is time to fix the wall bracket. If the manufacturer provides installation stencil, stick it on the wall and drill the holes. Otherwise, use measuring tape, a level gauge, & a pencil.

Drill the mounting holes: Make holes in the wall at the marked locations using a drill. The size of the holes will depend on the mounting hardware provided with your dehumidifier for wall, so consult the installation manual.

Install the mounting bracket: Drill holes in the wall at the indicated locations. The mounting hardware included with your dehumidifier will determine the size of the holes, so consult the installation manual for more information.

Hang the dehumidifier: Once you fix the bracket, you must securely hang the unit on the frame. While mounting, please use rubber pads between the system and bracket to avoid sound due to the vibration.

Connect the power, drain, and fresh air supply: A wall mounted dehumidifier with a drain hose need a drain point connection. Make sure that the pipe has a proper slope. If required, connect the fresh air supply duct to the inlet provided at the back side of the unit. Ensure the power supply connection is made per the manufacturer's guidelines.

Test the unit: After installation, switch on the unit and check if everything works fine. Then, with the controller's help, adjust the required humidifier and mode of operation. If needed, adjust the fan speed. Make sure that water is coming out from the drain.

A wall dehumidifier is a great option for many homes, indoor pool rooms, jacuzzi rooms, and hospitals. But there are better choices for some applications. So, let's discuss the situation where you must choose a system over other units. Some of the essential features of the best wall-mount dehumidifier are as follows.

Limited Space: A wall unit is mounted on the wall. Hence it does not occupy the floor space. Thus, it is an excellent option for sites with limited space. It is an ideal option for cities where the value per square foot of floor space is much higher than the cost of a humidity remover device.

Aesthetics: If you like to incorporate a device without disturbing the aesthetics of your place, then wall-hung dehumidifiers are the best choice. Due to its slick, elegant, metal texture look it can easily blend into your decor. Sometimes it can enhance the beauty of your place.

Operating noise: If you need a machine for quiet places like libraries, laboratories, museums, and jacuzzi rooms, then a wall-mountable dehumidifier is the best choice. It has a more silent operation compared to a portable and ceiling mount unit.

Permanent Installation: Due to its installation location and type, it is a fixed unit type. Unlike a mobile dryer, this unit is the permanent solution to removing moisture.

It is also known as a wall mount dehumidifier. It is a device that helps reduce humidity levels in a room or space. As its name suggests, it is installed on the wall with the help of a wall bracket. Like any other compressor-based unit, it draws in humid air and passes it over a cooling coil. As the air cools, moisture condenses and drips into a collection tray or drain. The now drier air is then circulated back into the room or space. Wall-mounted dehumidifiers are typically permanent installations designed to be mounted on a wall.

An in-wall dehumidifier is a unit that is installed directly into a wall to match the wall's level. Since this unit flushed into the wall, it looks more elegant. Due to its stylish look, it is often used in spas, lobbies of five-star hotels, and gyms. It also offers all advantages as that of a typical wall-type dryer. It saves space, it is silent, but it is more expensive. It typically requires professional installation and may involve cutting a hole in the wall for installation.

A through-the-wall dehumidifier, also known as a through-wall dehumidifier, is designed to be installed directly into an exterior wall of a building with its suction and discharge grill placed inside the building.

Through-the-wall dehumidifiers draw in humid air from the room or space through a grille or vent in the exterior wall and then pass the air over a refrigerated coil to extract moisture. The dried air is then expelled back into the room or space. The extracted moisture is collected in a removable tray or bucket that must be emptied periodically.

One of the main advantages of a through-wall dehumidifier is that it offers very clean and aesthetically superior installation. Also, since the actual unit installs away from the room, it offers unnoticeable and ultra-quiet operation. However, these models are generally more expensive than portable models and require professional installation.

Overall, through-the-wall dehumidifiers can be a good solution for controlling humidity levels in specific areas, particularly in larger or commercial settings where more powerful equipment is needed. It is the ideal choice for indoor pool rooms, spas, basements, and hotel rooms.

The capacity of the dehumidification system you require will be determined by the size of your room, the current, and the level of humidity needed. Typically a 50 liters capacity unit can handle space of around 1500 square feet under the standard condition. Following the manufacturer's guidelines while doing the capacity calculation is always advisable. For example, to calculate the capacity of the wall mount dehumidifier for the garage, we need to consider garage size, current humidity, required humidity, and additional moisture due to air infiltration. For accurate sizing, consider the effect of the number of people or animals in the room.

A bathroom is always the most humid place due to hot water showering and bathing. This humidity can cause mold and mildew growth, resulting in unpleasant odors, surface damage, and potential health hazards. Installing a bathroom wall mounted dehumidifier can help to control humidity levels and prevent these issues effectively. Also, it can be mounted high up on a wall to help draw moisture up and away from surfaces. It can be particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory issues or allergies.

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