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SPD-50L | Dehumidifier for indoor pool.

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This is among the best dehumidifiers for indoor pool rooms, specially designed for residential and commercial vicinities with low to moderate humidity content. With a humidity removal capacity of 50 liters and equipped with advanced components, this unit is best suited for moisture management in a vast array of applications.






Dehumidifier for indoor pool room


Dehumidifier for pool room



Best dehumidifier for indoor pool

Features of SPD-50L

Silent operation
Silent operation
LCD controller
LCD controller
Ceiling mount
Ceiling mount
Dual operation
Dual operation
Auto defrost
Auto defrost

Applications of SPD-50L

Residential areas
Residential areas
Data centers
Data centers
MRI and CT Scan rooms
MRI and CT Scan rooms
Jacuzzi and Spa
Jacuzzi and Spa
Warehouses facilities
Recreational centers
Recreational centers
Greenhouse farming
Therapy centers
Therapy centers
Commercial dehumidifier for indoor pool

SPD-50L in a rapid scan - The best dehumidifier for indoor pool.

One majorly overlooked aspect of indoor swimming pools is effective humidity management. Indoor pools due to being enclosed within a confined space are prone to excessive humidity levels which is primarily because of high evaporation from the pool water surfaces.

This process is catalyzed during winters when water heaters are used to warm pool water which increases the rate of evaporation, and results in the creation of damp surroundings with overabundant moisture levels.

This in turn not only leads to moisture damage of building structure and expensive pool equipment, pungent odors, slippery floors, electrical malfunction, but also possess health hazards like irritation, respiratory problems, allergies, and more.

To maintain optimal humidity levels at all times, a dehumidifier for indoor pool room is used. These work on the same principle to that of a SPD-136L dehumidifier, except that this unit is not heavy duty and has comparatively a lower dehumidifying capacity of 50 liters, which makes this machine the perfect solution to be implemented in small pool settings.

Suitable for all pool types, be it residential, commercial, or therapy centers, this commercial dehumidifier for indoor pool is armed with rich features and advanced components that makes this unit to operate ... efficiently even under harsh conditions.

This dehumidifier for pool room can be easily installed with HVAC systems, enabling more effective distribution of dehumidified air more quickly, and has a compact design to save up on floor space with low noise operation.

Equipped with an LCD wall mount controller for easy monitoring and operation, advanced G4 filter, humidistat, hygrometer, two mode operation, and automatic defrost mechanism, this unit makes its way across a wide spectrum of pool applications.
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SPD-50L commercial dehumidifier for indoor pool - Advantages encapsulated.

Dehumidifier for indoor pool room
  • Compact design to maintain pool room aesthetics. Can be installed above the false ceiling or wall mounted to save floor space.

  • Wall mount LCD controller, which makes this commercial dehumidifier for indoor pools extremely easy to use and operate.

  • Silent operation, making this dehumidifier for pool rooms ideally suitable for small residential and commercial pool establishments.

  • Three speed fan which allows users to control the power at which air is drawn inside this unit. Three speed means users have end control to adjust the speed and have control over the noise it produces.

  • Equipped with an advanced filter at the inlet that traps airborne particles and purifies the air from any contamination....

  • Extremely easy to install and operate with low maintenance costs.

  • HVAC system integration for centralized airflow to dehumidify a larger area quickly and effectively, rather than the immediate vicinity.

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Specifications of SPD-50L best dehumidifier for indoor pool.



50 Lits/day


220-240V/50 Hz


740 Watts

Air Volume

500 CMH



Opt. Temp

5 – 38°C




Digital Controller


Adjust Humidistat


Automatic defrost


External drain



Basic filter



IP rating


Dimension and Weight

Product weight

45 kg

Package weight

52 kg

Product size

920 x 440 x 375 mm

Package size

1020 × 515 × 540 mm

Our wide array of commercial dehumidifiers for indoor pool are tailored for your diversified requirements.

We hold an encyclopedic range of dehumidifiers for indoor pools. Our entire collection of commercial dehumidifiers for indoor pools are curated specifically for catering to the complex needs of different pool establishments, be it residential, commercial, or therapy centers. With our dehumidifier for pool room available in multiple capacities and dimensions, explore our array of products and choose from what best suits your needs.

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SPD-50L dehumidifier for indoor pool in operation overview.

Effective dehumidification in indoor pool establishments is a component that cannot be dodged. Excess moisture generation is a never-ending process in these establishments primarily due to the evaporation of water from pool surfaces.

Evaporation is increased when water heaters are used in winters to keep the pool water warm. A larger pool area which is often a luxury spot in commercial and recreational spots generates even more humidity due to the larger water surface, which makes moisture control a quintessential aspect of such surroundings.

To achieve moderate humidity levels and provide a comfortable environment for all, units like SPD-50L are incorporated in these places which are the best dehumidifiers for indoor pools.

With a dehumidifying capacity of 50 liters, this dehumidifier for indoor pool room is specially designed to be duct mount, ceiling mount, or wall mount.

This flexibility of mounting alongside its compact design not only adds to the aesthetics of the pool room, but also can be integrated with HVAC systems for centralized distribution of airflow to a larger area...

This machine is equipped with an LCD controller for easy monitoring and operation, humidity controller to set required humidity levels, advanced filter at the inlet to purify air from any contaminations, and high-quality, reliable compressor from world-class brands for efficient and silent operation.

Armed with robust features and advanced internal components, this machine is made for removing humidity even under harsh and extreme climatic conditions.

This dehumidifier for indoor pool room has inbuilt defrost mechanism to prevent ice buildup on the condenser coils, delayed start up feature for enhanced protection, domestic top fan for high performance and low noise.

This commercial dehumidifier for indoor pool finds use in a wide variety of applications, while complying with international standard EN60204.
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Dehumidifier for pool room
Duct mount.
This humidity removal machine can be connected to any HVAC duct via the air outlet situated at the top of this unit for more effective and a centralized distribution of dehumidified air.
This dehumidifier for indoor pool is compactly designed to save floor space, which makes it ideal for use in various pool types, such as small residential pool with limited space, commercial areas, gyms, recreational centers, and places where internal aesthetics are critical.
This dehumidifier has a silent operation, due to its efficient and high-quality compressor. Hence, this unit makes an ideal suit for residential establishments.
LCD wall mount controller.
This unit comes along a wall mount LCD controller that can be connected to this unit via an aviation plug. The LCD monitors and displays all required information such as present humidity levels, fan speed, mode of operation, and many others which makes this dehumidifier for pool room extremely easy to operate.
Ceiling mount or wall mount.
Due to this machine’s compact design, this unit can be mounted above the false ceiling or can be suspended from the ceiling using chains. These units can also be mounted on the wall with the help of additional hardware, typically using steel brackets. Both of these options are feasible and best suited in areas with limited floor space and where humidity management is important.
The inlet of this dehumidifier for indoor pool is fitted with an advanced filter that traps any impurities and contaminants from the drawn air before it is passed down to the condensing coils.
Monitors and controls the operation of this commercial dehumidifier for indoor pool. Automatically triggers the compressor to start dehumidification when present humidity levels are higher than the set humidity.
Measures the Relative Humidity (RH) levels present in the environment and displays the information on the LCD control panel.Always select a room dehumidifier with inbuilt hygrometer.
Automatic defrost.
Automated mechanism to prevent ice buildup from this unit’s evaporator and condenser coils. This is helpful when the unit has to operate under extreme climatic conditions.
Two mode operation.
This dehumidifier for indoor pool room is designed to operate under two modes - ventilation and dehumidification. Ventilation mode is useful where air circulation is critical without the need for dehumidification. With the dehumidification mode, this unit is capable of removing large volumes of moisture from the air quickly and effectively.

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