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CD-50L Portable dehumidifier in Dubai UAE #Dehumidifier
September 8, 2018
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How to buy Home Dehumidifier in UAE ?

Air home dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE

When it comes to home, we need everything best and so as home dehumidifier also. Right humidity level inside home is equally important as that of having right temperature level. Hence one should buy dehumidifier with proper due diligence. Buyer should find right dehumidifier price with right featured equipment. For home we can use portable system or duct dehumidifier which also called as whole house dehumidifier. Portable unit are cheaper, easy to install and easy to maintain. However whole house unit is more expensive and needs high installation cost. Hence most of user prefer portable unit. In this article we will focus on portable dehumidification system only.

Why you need Home Dehumidifier?

Veda Home portable dehumidifier sale in Dubai UAEHigh humidity level inside home is invitation for many diseases. When humidity is high in any area, it give rise to development of mold & fungus. Many insect prefer high humidity environment and hence they do their reproduction with leaps and bound when then find high humid places. Due to high humidity we might feel cold, cough, burning of eyes or difficulties in breathing. Many mould and fungi are toxic in nature and if it enters to our nervous system along with breathing then it might cause serious disease. High humidity is also not good for electronic goods. Electronic goods like TV, refrigerator, computer etc. might malfunction. High humidity causes swelling of wood furniture and door. It can creat black spots of wall and might cause pilling of wall paint. Hence it is very important to keep low humidity at homes.

How to buy Dehumidifier for home?

While buying room dehumidifier we need to make balance between dehumidifier price and features. There are some important features on which buyer should not be compromise or you can say your unit should have these minimum features:

  1. In house dehumidifiers should have built in hygrometer to show current humidity level.
  2. It should have large condensate tank without compromising portability.
  3. Unit should stop automatically if condensate tank is full and it should give indication in terms of audio and visual indicating tank is full.
  4. Unit should have facility to set required humidity by user.
  5. Unit should automatically stop when humidity level reduce to set point. And it should automatically start if humidity level increase above set point.
  6. Unit should have facility to connect hose pipe for continuous drainage.
  7. Unit should be portable as possible. Handle should per provided to carry unit easily. Unit should be supported with wheels.
  8. If possible dehumidifier should have delay timer for turn on and turn off.
  9. Unit has minimum two fan speed; low and high.

Best practice is to read dehumidifier reviews before buying one.

Where is dehumidifier sale in UAE?

CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai is oldest dehumidifier supplier in UAE. Every year they announce much awaited dehumidifier sale for Middle East countries which includes Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In this sale they offer discount up to 20% for home dehumidifier units.

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