Warehouse Dehumidifier

About Warehouse Dehumidifiers

Low humidity is one of the major requirement for warehouses which are storing material that can change its properties or get contamination under high humid environment. Warehouse dehumidifier helps to maintain low humidity environment. Food storage warehouses commonly use large dehumidifier to reduce humidity to avoid development of fugue and mould on food. Warehouse dehumidifier also use in storage area where sensitive equipment like surgery apparatus, medical diagnosis equipment, IT servers etc. It is very important to choose right type of warehouse dehumidifier. These large dehumidifier can refrigerant or desiccant type.

Dehumidifiers Models

FSD Series - Dehumidifier in Dubai UAE

FSD Serie

Achieving low humidity level in large spaces with help of warehouse dehumidifier is major challenge while designing ventilation for warehouse. Warehouse spaces has high heights and hence high volume. To achieve desired humidity, floor mounted dehumidifier need to have high air flow capacity.

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SPD Series Dehumidifier in Dubai UAE

SPD Serie

Very important aspect of swimming pool design is to consider efficient dehumidifier for swimming pool. In Indoor pool room area high humidity generated due to evaporation from open water surface of swimming pool.

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CD series Dehumidifier in Dubai UAE

CD Serie

It is very important to create regulated humidity environment during various industrial manufacturing process or product storage to maintain quality of product. Industrial portable dehumidifier are extensively use in various industrial applications.

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Dehumidifier in Dubai UAE

CD Serie

Many Industrial and commercial applications need commercial dehumidifier to carry out processes and to store product so that its properties get preserved. For example dehumidifier industrial is commonly use to reduce humidity in tea production since tea leaves are highly moisture sensitive

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Ad series- Dehumidifier in Dubai UAE

AD Serie

Industrial dehumidification is very complex subject to understand and for offering solution with help of different types of dehumidifier machine. Dehumidifier for industrial use are basically of two types based on its principle of working.

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Where to Buy Dehumidifier

Common question everyone need to face is Where to buy dehumidifier ? once you found high humidity issue in your storage area. While selecting Dehumidifier for Large Warehouse we need to consider volume of warehouse, temperature in warehouse, opening (door, windows) in warehouse. Also properties of material to be store should be taken into consideration while sizing of warehouse dehumidifier. Dehumidifier for Large Area like warehouse should have sufficient process air flow so that required humidity should achieve at minimum time.

Applications of Commercial Dehumidifiers.

  • Warehouse dehumidifier use in aircraft spare store to maintain low humidity.
  • Large dehumidifier used in drying of seeds in warehouse.
  • Warehouse dehumidifier used in sausages storage warehouse.
  • These dehumidifier extensively use in storage of Films which are very sensitive to high humidity.